With Daniel hopefully soon growing like a weed I need to keep track of this growth because after years of agonizing over every single centimeter measured in doctors’ offices and plotted on growth charts over the years to show me what I already knew, I feel like I need to now measure every single half inch and inch…perhaps inches. I think the whole circus needs to be able to see this.

Thank goodness I pinned all those growth ruler on Pinterest like pretty much everyone else did because those things are totally cool and surely anyone could make them rather than pay $89-$150 to Pottery Barn Kids or $50-$85 to any Etsy shop.selling the same thing.

Sure we can!

No problem!

I pinned my first growth chart ruler nearly two years ago and, well…I pinned a few more and each time told myself I could totally do this…and then I pinned more stuff because who actually really does everything that they pin on Pinterest?


I finally got started. That half inch of growth in six weeks time totally inspired me. It really isn’t that hard to do what with quite a few step by step tutorials out there to guide you along the way. You just need a little bit of time, patience and attention to detail.

Painting numbers and markings is probably the easiest way to go but I really like the rustic look of the burnt in numbers and markings…more like the $150 Pottery Barn Kids Ruler. At least I think so.

Hey, you go your way and I’ll go mine. A little stain and polyurethane and…

We can now measure this growing clown of mine.

Looks nice hanging up here under the Big Top.

Oh, and I am making and selling these rulers (local Northern Cali only right now), $50 each. Gotta pay for that final season of dancing competitively for Jodie you know.

Interested? Let me know. Yours will be lined up behind the first three orders I have already received.


4 thoughts on “measure

  1. I was gonna say, “why not just use a door frame, like everyone else,” but that turned out awesome. Great job!

  2. Yes doorframe, I remember my childhood being measured by the doorframe! I agree Laura, AWSOME job! 🙂 I hope you sell lots of them!

  3. Yes Paul and Donna, door frames are the best. There are nine different houses in Western PA that illustrate that showing how three of my younger siblings and I grew and grew and grew. This ruler can go where Daniel goes or stay with Bill and me…grandkids you know?

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