creating the tears of angels

So this was happening here under the Big Top this weekend…

My darling husband announces, “I think I will make some beer.” yes, not unlike the day where Zoë declared that she would teach herself how to crochet…and she did. Clearly it runs in the family as Bill got started and recruited Hollie to help Sunday afternoon.

Oh the conversation!

Mashing whatever the heck that smelly, mashy stuff was Hollie declared that what they were creating better taste like the tears of angels…assuming that angels’ tears are tasty.

The laughter! The tears! The smell…oh dear the smell.

Who knew that angels’ tears are so damn stinky to start off?

Of course stinky, smelly, future Tears of Angels IPA mixed with the smell of burning pine makes it all the more stinky. I like to think it will help to enhance the Tears of Angels IPA.

It could!

We shall see…

we shall see in about four weeks.