and before mainstream radio overplays and kills this one dead…

A local Top 40 radio deejay shared this video last night on his personal Facebook page all excited about this “new” song…sure to be a hit…the next big thing.

Yes, I’m sure sixteen year old Lorde is sure to be the next big thing with a voice like that. I remember hearing her “Royals” at a dance competition earlier this year and all I could think was WOW! THAT VOICE! THAT SONG!! WHO IS THIS??!!

Dang girl!

When I was 16…

Oh never mind…who cares what I had going on when I was 16. It sure wasn’t what this little girl has going on.

Yes, I agree with MoeJoe, that Lorde singing Royals will be the next big thing but please, dear god, don’t play it over and over again on your radio station every hour on the hour and kill it dead as you usually do…thinking how your radio station literally did just that playing Best Song Ever almost exactly every hour on the 7 o’clock hour and the 8 o’clock hour and then the 9 o’clock hour…sadly I know that your station did that because I was out and about shuttling my circus clowns here and there listening to The Best Song Ever over and over again.


You know I used to love listening to Adele belt out Rolling In the Deep too…and Fun. singing Some Nights and…The Black Keys and…Mumford & Sons and…Bruno Mars…and…

I swear you just kill music for me, mainstream radio. If only my personal playlist or my favorite Pandora stations could provide the up to the minute traffic reports that I need in the morning …and usually get AFTER I find myself sitting in dead stop traffic on 5 or 99.

Well before mainstream radio kills it for you here is Lorde.


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  1. Ah, I so hear you… and the best song ever over and over and over and over again. Royals was dead here in Canada 2 weeks ago. It maybe lasted a week.

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