VMAs a week later…

…and folks are STILL talking about awkward twerky moments with foam fingers and dudes wearing tight, striped suits and how you can dress a girl up all glamorous-like in a Herve Leger floor-length gown and she still can’t conceal the fact that she has no class.


Come on…move on…please!

Me, I could care less.

When I step away from what is going on in the world around me and think about the VMAs (because sometimes I do) this is all I can think about.

That Justin Timberlake. Let him cleanse you of all that twerky, jerky, foam finger, F-bomb madness and take back the night because he does indeed still run this bitch.

Boy bands and any singer/songwriter out there writing about their personal breakups please take note…this is how you do it.

Thank you Justin! Y’all can consider yourself now cleansed.

Oh and those dancers…two of whom my own dancer has taken master classes with.