Last month I received a wonderful package in the mail made just for me, the nurse.

Because when one works in the hardest working profession taking care of the tiniest and sickest human beings at the best job ever one deserves a little pampering from time to time. Thank goodness for Scrubscriptions.

Scrubscriptions is the first nurse-inspired monthly medical scrub delivery service of brand new scrubs and pampering products to help you relax, renew and be pampered! Learning firsthand from family and friends in healthcare. Scrubscriptions was started because they wanted to highlight the fact that nurses need to be appreciated for the hard work they do and be provided a service that caters to them.

Joining Scrubscriptions, “scrubscribers” receive every month a box packed especially for them with full sized pampering products, health and wellness tips, a personal note of encouragement and a pair Dickies or Cherokee scrubs. The people at Scrubscriptions are right, sometimes it is the little things that count. Receiving this package indeed made my day.

And the scrubs are pretty nice too! Actually they are more than nice. I selected the “Pamper Me” package and received this pair of Dickies scrubs. They proved to be very comfortable and had that which almost every nurse wants/needs…LOTS of pockets. They were flattering too as I did receive lots of compliments during my busy 12 hour shift the other night.  My only quibble is that I seem to be between sizes as large is a little bit too big (especially the top) and medium seems to be too small. But no worries. The customer service at Scrubscriptions is beyond excellent as they patiently spent the time to get my order sized just right for me. They truly went out of their way which, I have to say, made me feel all the more pampered.

I received no compensation for this product review. I “scrubscribed” and offered to share my experience because I believe that every nurse deserves to be pampered just a little.


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