that small moment caught

I’ve kind of slacked off on blogging and taking pictures and doing laundry because I’m busy burning the fingerprints off of my right thumb, forefinger and middle finger.

The things we do for our children.

Am I right?!

Oh but that isn’t the only thing that I am doing. I mean there is the daily grind that is school and homework and Sober Grad Committee meetings and now dance classes every week day and Tae Kwon Do and NICU Disaster Planning and dentists appointments; oh, and I am still pounding holes in the walls of the Big Top because it makes my family happy and it seems to make me feel better too.

And then I get all sentimental and teary, which is probably not a good thing when one is pounding holes into the walls of their humble home. But look at this picture! Isn’t it just the sweetest thing?

I caught my nieces and nephew walking hand in hand up the stairs to another great adventure that only cousins can share during summer vacations.and family reunions and now it is one of my favorite images that I have managed to capture…a small moment where we smile and think how cute they are…because they were so cute together when they were so small. Tyler (on the right) and Andi (on the left) are going to be thirteen next month and Kaya will soon follow six months later.




It’s hard to imagine…even if the little one in the middle is now almost as tall as me.

I am so glad that I caught the three cousins together in this “don’t blink” moments. Of course it now inspires me to want to recreate this image a decade later.

Mike, Karen and Melissa, let’s make this happen.

Meanwhile, don’t blink y’all!




2 thoughts on “that small moment caught

  1. Wow, Laura! That is a great shot. I’ve always enjoyed seeing your photography on display here. Kinda. You know, sometimes I’m jealous of your talent, but I get over it.

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