sunshine brings blonde strawberries

From the time she was a little baby, and through the years, Jodie has always been our sunshine-y little towhead.

Where did the blonde come from?“, folks would ask looking at me, then Bill, then our other strawberry-blonde and auburn-haired children.


On another note, check the awesomeness that was my darling husband back in 1999.

Yeah, baby!

But yes, some people wondered not realizing I was the only redhead amongst my blonde siblings nor knowing Bill’s blonde older sister and brother. In the genes, people. It’s in the genes. And it seemed only fitting that our bright, happy child with the sunshine-y personality would be the one with the bright, happy, sunshine-y hair.

But today that changed.

Just another strawberry blonde in the family; or as Hazel says, blonde strawberries…bright, happy, sunshine-y blonde strawberries!


2 thoughts on “sunshine brings blonde strawberries

  1. 🙂 pretty girl! I have a red headed niece and nephew. Mom and Dad are both dark haired. Yes it is in the genes!

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