perfect imperfection

Today I delivered a very special Not Pottery Barn Growth Chart Ruler for another mighty human like my son whom I met here at Adventures in Juggling. It’s always fun to watch our children grow but it is freakin’ triumphant to watch a child who once fit perfectly nested in your hand when they were born. So when Liz asked me to make one for her little girl, I was very excited to. Of course it had to be perfect…even more perfect than all the other ones that I am making and selling because Jodie’s dancing competitively is much too much expensive…but worth it…yes, this ruler had to be perfect for a perfectly amazing little girl.

But as I began to work with the wood, I found myself frustrated with the imperfections that this piece seemed to have. Perhaps this wasn’t going to work I began to think. Still I pressed on sanding and burning and sanding and staining and so on. It seemed that the more and more I worked with the wood, the more beautiful it became…in spite of the  imperfections…or perhaps BECAUSE of them. Sometimes it is those with the birthmarks, the scars, the imperfections that end up being the most beautiful, the most amazing.

Liz’s perfect imperfect Not Pottery Barn Ruler was delivered and is now ready to mark the growth of perfectly amazing little girl.

And now it is time to get started on the next one.

These Not Pottery Barn Growth Chart Rulers are available for sale here in Northern California for $50 (compared to the now discontinued Pottery Barn $149.99 version or comparable ones on Etsy selling for $50 to $80 not including shipping and handling). Each piece is hand sanded, burned, stained and polyurethane finished. All proceeds will help to offset the costs of Jodie’s last year dancing competitively. Yes, you will be funding the dancer and when you see her on stage someday dancing during some awards show or behind the latest and greatest pop star or as a Radio City Music Hall Rockette, you can smile proudly knowing you, yes, you made that possible.


You did.

Oh and you’ll have some lovely decor to mark up with your kids or grandkids growth or to just show off.


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