weekend good

Not that I am bragging or anything, I am just sharing what has been good this weekend because that is so much better than me whining or bitching or moaning about what might have been bad this weekend (nothing).


Getting off night shift just in time to see the rain clouds rolling in which any night shift nurse will tell you means they will sleep well.

When a photo of your photo and how it got put on display and your name is on the front page of the paper. Added bonus is they spell your name right.

Punching more holes in the walls but not nearly as many because gallery ledges are awesome.

Bottling the Tears of Angels IPA.

Sampling this delicious treat because how can I possibly recommend Christina’s Cupcakes if I haven’t sampled them? They are damn tasty and yes, if you live in the 209 you need to order some.

At the Madden Fall Fair, I tasted a bit of The Rustic Puff handcrafted artisan marshmallows. All she had to say was to let the marshmallow melt in my coffee to enjoy the salted caramel deliciousness and I was sold.

Celebrating the first day of Fall as one does by turning on the oven and baking The Pioneer Woman’s amazing meatloaf. Thank goodness today wasn’t hotter than balls as it could be on any given Fall day here in the Central Valley.

But saving the best for last, as one almost always does, there is this.

On the left taken August 29 and on the right taken today, September 22. Yes the camera angles are all wrong and lack continuity but LOOK AT THE RULER MARKINGS!! YES, I AM SHOUTING!!! Those growing pains are real. We are loving human growth hormone therapy.

Have a great week y’all!


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