seven minutes of awesomeness

Mima! Look what I can do.

And with seemingly no effort what so ever, Hazel lifts her right leg holding on to her ankle straight up and just stands there.

Of course it is made all the more awesome because she is wearing my Oz 3D glasses.

Want to know how long I can hold my leg like this?

How long, Hazel?

Oh about seven minutes. Watch…one…two…three…four…five…six…seven.

She lets go and lowers her leg down.

Seven minutes, Mima! Pretty cool, huh?

Definitely. Just as cool as your timekeeping skills, Hazel.


And she skips off into the other room.

Equally awesome is Hazelwood where you will find a different take on wooden wall art.

From sarcastic and crass to lovely and sentimental, you won’t find this stuff at Target. Oh and they take custom orders too. 100% of the profits support Hazel’s participation on the dance competition team and her ability to stretch her leg like that for “seven minutes” or more.


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