blame burgh baby

I know I’m going to blame Burgh Baby for what is new under the Big Top. Practically all summer long she puts up pictures of the cutest Calico kitty I had ever seen on her Instagram and suddenly I want a kitteh! I want a kitteh oh so bad. And I talk about it all the time. I show pictures that she posts of Kiara to my darling husband squealing and cooing, “Oh my glob! Look at this baby kitty!” He usually says nothing until this weekend when he mentioned how I want a kitten…how I am finally ready after losing Ginger to have a kitten.

Then that was all that I could think about!

Hazel and I spent lunch on Monday checking out kittens available for adoption at Pets and Pals. So much cuteness, especially two tabby kittens, brothers named Kenny and Kyle. Kenny made me laugh. But I relented…at least for a couple more hours.

Picking up Daniel from school I asked him if he would like to look at kittens and see if we liked any. Of course he asked if we could bring one home if we liked it. Of course we could! I smile thinking “we’re on our way, Kenny!“. But when we got there Kenny and Kyle were busy fighting with a black kitten. Daniel was not impressed. Suddenly a little Calico girl notices Daniel, comes up to the window and stands pressing her paws on the glass where Daniel’s hand rested. Their eyes met and they both pressed their noses to the glass…

Sorry Kenny.

It’s a girl! A girl whose name escaped me. Hollie suggested Georgia, as in Georgia peach. A friend suggested Tiger Lily. Another offered Pepper Potts…presumably so we could create a love connection with her Tony Stark kitty. Others suggested Buttercup, Pumpkin, Applesauce…so many suggestions but none seemed to fit this very shy little girl who spent the evening hiding behind books on my bookshelves. I found her curled up on top of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.

And suddenly I knew who she was.


I spent the rest of the night getting to know Zelda.

On her terms of course. Eventually she curled up on top of my chest and slept there most of the night.


Then she spent most of the day under my bed.

We’ll get to know each other on her terms…as it should be I guess. Meanwhile there will be lots of pictures because she is beautiful.

And I just can’t help myself.

Even from behind she is so gorgeous.

If you get tired of pictures of Zelda just blame Burgh Baby.


Kind of, sort of.

Thanks Michelle for melting my heart this summer.


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  1. Kitteh cuteness overload!! I have two of the spoiled little critters myself, and always enjoy others’ posts about kitties. Looks like she’s a lovely cat, and hopefully when the dust settles she’ll be a great companion for many years to come.

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