he gets it from his mama

So WordPress notified me today that six years ago today I signed on to WordPress and started blogging. It’s kind of true. Actually I have been blogging for nine years now but six years ago I moved this juggling act from Blogger from where I had moved to after AOL Journals went dark to finally WordPress where I have published 3,392 posts…soon to be 3,393.

That’s a helluva lot of navel gazing, which we all know is what most bloggers do.


Speaking of contemplating one’s navel…here is my son

literally contemplating his navel and how much lint and dirt it seems to have accumulated even though he showers everyday and everything. He then proceeds to clean out as much of the belly button lint and dirt as he can while we sit in the dentist’s waiting room listening to Human League singing “Don’t You Want Me Baby?

Future blogger material here… definitely.


One thought on “he gets it from his mama

  1. Congratulations on your blogiversary. If you’ve ever seen the stats, a huge number of bloggers never make it to Post #2. And here you are at 3,393. Congratulations are definitely in order! And an advanced degree in navel-gazing.

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