the tourist

My son is not the kind of tourist that blends in well with the natives.

Natives usually don’t stop at local fountains to have their picture taken.

Every fountain that they happen to pass by.

From every angle.

Natives just don’t do that…

unless they happen to be hanging out with a tourist like Daniel.

Daniel is now home from his LA adventure with Zoë and Josh. He had a great time making so many happy memories with his big sister and bro-in-love. which he has been telling me about all day. He also tells me that he missed his mom, dad and sisters so so much. Oh, and my delicious cooking too. He told me that while he pushed grilled ranch chicken all over his plate to make it look like he had eaten it. He missed that.

So happy that he had a great time. So happy that he got to spend time with Zoë. So happy that he is home…not eating my delicious grilled ranch chicken.