changing the things that I can change

Once I had the tattoo on my foot I didn’t like it. Of course it wasn’t completed but I still didn’t like how it looked and how I imagined that it would look if I ever got around to getting it finished. It was supposed to be feet running up my foot and around my ankle, each foot representing a race that I had run in. But after the first two feet were inked on my foot I didn’t like it.

Not much fun being stuck with ink you don’t like.

But Hollie suggested I talk to Tattooie from Lucky You Tattoo and see what we could do. He took one look at it and said covering it up would be no problem at all. His first suggestion was make a cheetah print using the old ink as a starting point and fade it up my foot. A GREAT idea except I am so not into animal prints. That is so not me.

No problem, he tells me.

After more discussion we decided to ink some flowers.

I won’t lie. This sucker hurt. It hurt bad! But those little feet are gone. And a few days later healing nicely and looking great with a little bit of toe cleavage.