teaching me well

Thank you Red Ribbon Week for the fun that has been Pajama Days, Twin Day, Super Hero Day, Hat Day, Disney Day, USA Day and Dress for Success Day. Thank you for teaching our kids and grandkids that it is cool to say no…yes, they still are teaching our kids the simplicity of just saying no at school. Most of all, thank you for teaching and encouraging our kids and grandkids to come home armed with all kinds of knowledge to tell us that beer is a drug and so are cigarettes and coffee


and, only because I just had to bring it up, so is wine.


.Extra credit if the kids and grandkids take on a super, superior judge-y tone when they lecture you for opening that bottle of drugs, er, wine and pouring yourself a glass because, at the end of the day spent chasing after them you are so ready to put your feet up and enjoy a glass of Zin.

FYI, my darling husband: Hazel is gunning for you! Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.