the first, the second and the first

There is no doubt at all that grandchildren are super awesome. Great-grandhcildren, I imagine are even greater than super awesome because my memories with my great grandparents, Chester and Austa Caudle, are definitely my happiest childhood memories. Obviously I had to be their favorite. In my own imagination this is true. Of course I was the only one who named one of my children after one of them. That certainly secured my status of favorite great-grandhcild. Still I am thinking the ultimate has to be great-great grandchildren. It has to be.

Especially when one shares your name!

I am so happy that Hazel the Second and Fallon the First got to spend some time yesterday with Hazel the First.

Not to change the subject or anything but I want to look this hot when I am days from my 95th birthday.


3 thoughts on “the first, the second and the first

  1. I should live so long, but if I do I hope I can still enjoy the children! Love those girls!

  2. Happy 95th Birthday to Hazel the First! She does look amazing. She’s blessed to have such a loving family . . . and an adorable one who shares her name! Hazel needs to carry on the tradition and name one of her daughters Hazel and the other one Laura.

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