who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile

Something about this Monday today made it seem to be literally the suckiest of Mondays. I know this to be true because everyone I talked to today was having a long, drawn-out, no good, very bad kind of day today.

True story.

Well, except for Jodie who got the part-time holiday job that she wanted. For those keeping score that means that my youngest daughter now will be working three part time jobs as well as going to high school. That’s my little over achiever.

So yeah, Jodie was having a great day but everyone else, including me, was having a not so good day today. And then it was time for me to pick up Daniel.

My day just got so much better.

Daniel is headed off to Science Camp for the rest of this week. I am going to miss this all week long. I also just might cry a little because this is my baby and this is the very last time that I send one of my circus clowns to Science Camp.





Be nice to me this week, okay?

NaPhoPoMo day 4


2 thoughts on “who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile

  1. Daniel is sure the little traveler lately, isn’t he! He’s going to have so much fun, and maybe he’ll come home and tell you again how much he missed your delicious cooking! And we will definitely be nice to you this week as your nest is a little emptier.

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