the wheels on the bus…

Off to Science Camp they go!

And yes, the Big Top is REALLY quiet. Of course Bill and Abby are at work and Jodie is at school right now. But still, it is REALLY quiet here under the Big Top. It’s always been that way when I have sent one of my kids off to science camp. I remember when Hollie went. Her best friend’s mom was devastated that week our girls were gone. I ran into her running errands during that week and she shared with me how much she missed her precious child. “Isn’t your heart just SHATTERED?!“, she tearfully asked me. Honestly, no. I missed her, that much was true. I missed her a lot…when I wasn’t rushing Zoë and Abby off to kindergarten and preschool and chasing after busy, busy, curious little Jodie. I did miss her. Still I was certain that she was fine. She was having a blast. She was good. I felt the same way as I packed up and sent Zoë, Abby and Jodie off to science camp too. I offered lots of hugs and kisses…as many as they would allow me to offer without embarrassing them in front of their friends…waved goodbye and then headed back home to juggle the rest of this circus life confident that they all were having a great time and making great memories…whether they kissed a banana slug or not.

Daniel will be fine too even if he won’t be kissing any banana slugs. Whether he wanted to or not he won’t be able to because you can not kiss a protected species because the salt in your saliva can harm them.


With his classmate and friend, Armando, by his side, I know that he will be just fine making many happy memories in the coastal redwoods of Northern Cali this week.

I’ll be just fine too.

Is it Friday afternoon yet?

NaPhoPoMo day 5