Everyone and everything is missing Daniel here under the Big Top.

Even his bed, covered with his bedtime friends…yes, he sleeps with ALL of them…seems so forlorn.

I’m being pitiful, I know. This isn’t the first time I have sent a kid of mine off to science camp. I missed them all too…very much. Yes, I just wrote that for them because they do read this blog regularly. But yes, I did miss them all a lot when they were away. But I was certain that they were just fine…having fun…probably not missing me at all.

And yes, I just recently put Daniel on a plane alone to spend a week with his sister in LA as well as sent him a few times to spend time with his Auntie Toni in Capitola. But those were different. He was with family. He was guaranteed as many hugs and kisses as he needed anytime. He was with people who loved him because of his little quirks whether we understand them or not.

This time is different.


Of course the school’s attendance office calling the other day to inform me that my son was absent from school didn’t help. Not at all. I mean, yes, he was absent from school because he was with the rest of his fifth grade class, some of the fifth grade teachers and his school principal at science camp. Thank you for raising my blood pressure just a little and making me want to call the camp to make sure my child was okay and there at science camp. That’s exactly what I needed.

I didn’t call.

We won’t talk about how hard it was for me not to call.

He’s fine.

He’s having fun.

He’s coming home tomorrow.

He’ll probably be so much more grown up too…just like his sisters were.

NaPhoPoMo day 7


2 thoughts on “missing

  1. You aren’t being pitful, and this IS different. I got sad when I read the part about him being guaranteed as many hugs and kisses as he needed on previous trips away home! He is fine and having fun, but let yourself be sad and miss him because this is different. (And why the school attendance office called when he’s at science camp with the rest of his class is unbelievable!) Go hang out with his bedtime buddies and you can all miss him together.

    • LOve you Kim for always being the encourager that you are. Dang I miss basking in that encouragement and warm smiles all the time back in the day at Central. Thank you!

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