the outdoor education of Daniel

…as told by Daniel in his science camp journal.


  • being away from Mom and Dad for 4 days.
  • making friends
  • having fun
  • playing

New sights seen – bats

New smells smelled – leaves

New sounds heard – deer and grasshoppers

New foods tasted – lifesavers…clearly this child’s parents have been depriving him

New things touched – turtles, snakes and tide pools

The night hike was probably the scariest time of his young life because they were hiking along the edge in the dark of night…THE EDGETHE DARK…people he could have died! At least that is how he tells it. Abby agreed that the night hike was scary back in the day when she attended science camp. Daniel, in turn, doubts that it was as scary of an experience for her as it was for him because he was hiking on the edge and he could have died.

Still, science camp was a lot of fun. Ace, his Naturalist instructor, taught him and his friends a lot about plant and animal life in the coastal redwoods region of California. Like what, you might ask? Well, it is all there in the journal, he will tell you. He will also tell you that the playground at the camp is fun. Oh, and dessert was served at every single lunch and dinner…unlike here under the Big Top.

Yes, clearly this poor child’s parents are depriving him!

Welcome home, son!

NaphoPoMo day 10


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