Just in case you might have missed my shameless Mommy-bragging all over social media. And because I can’t help but super proud, again. And because I just have to celebrate, again.



And just like last Spring, in 4th grade, this kid worked his butt off to earn that honor roll. Kudos his pretty kick-ass teachers too, especially his mainstream class teacher who emailed me earlier in the year when Daniel had a solid D in one subject asking if we could amend his IEP a little so that Daniel could succeed. His teacher also carved out a little extra time to work with him a little one on one too. The result was Daniel brought that D up to a B.

This kid.


NaPhoPoMo day 13


2 thoughts on “again

  1. CONGRATULATIONS DANIEL! You totally rock!!! Laura, you have every reason to be proud and should be celebrating. What an amazing accomplishment to be on the Honor Roll! And to improve a D grade to a B; wow! (wish I could have done that a few times in college!)

    And I’m not on social media, so I need you to use your blog to brag about your kids and grandkids! 🙂

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