annoying side effects

Recent message received from iamthefuturee: where can I get some human growth hormone? Or Buy this for cheap?


Curious, I check to see who is iamthefuturee exactly. He is Davon Teaheartt: Dance down, Dope AF, Athletic, Tracknation, Catch Me On Your T.V. Screen, $traight A’s, Ambitious, Talented, God’s gifts, Focused, #I Am The Future.

Um, okay.

Your pictures on Instagram and your writing might suggest otherwise, Davon. Just saying…


Still I answer back: my child comes by his prescription legitimately as it is a medical necessity for him. His physician prescribes it and his insurance provides it. It is not cheap and I certainly would not be injecting it into my little boy every day were it not for the reason that it is medically necessary.

Davon, er, iamthefuturee replies: Sounds like a great parent I completely understand. What does he take it for? & would like to make extra money selling me some?

OMG, WTF!!??

That’s one annoying side effect.

Another is his fingernails grow like crazy…his dirty fingernails.

But he did grow another 1¼ inch this month. So I’ll tolerate the annoying side effects for now.

NaPhoPoMo day 18


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  1. Simply amazing…. Hear you about the fingernails! My son’s grow like mad (also on GHT). Dirty is the sign of being an active boy. 🙂 Great growth this month.

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