I’ve got one hand in my pocket

So apparently “selfie” is the word of the year, according to Oxford Dictionaries. So it would follow that one should post a selfie. Except for the fact that I am wearing no makeup and barely brushed my hair. I DID brush my teeth. Surely that’s a win. But I spent the day bare-faced, rag mop hair tied up into a pony tail, wearing sweats and a tee that did not match at all. I even went out in public like that. To take Daniel to school, to Starbucks, to pick up Hazel and Daniel from school, to the dance studio and to the pet store.The rest of my day was spent folding laundry with a kitten curled up on my lap…for a couple of hours. I could have moved her but…

It was that kind of a day.

This is the only kind of selfie I am willing to post today.

A fashion blogger I never shall be.

NaPhoPoMo day 19