uncovered and visible


This that is permanently inked onto my left ring finger. This that is also etched permanently onto the left ring finger of my darling husband. This that represents more than 30 years of promises of love and fidelity through so much good and so much bad until death separates us. This shall remain uncovered and visible in spite of any policies directing appearance and hygiene.

And that is all that I am going to say about this…here.

Now to try and interpret what is meant by “distasteful highlighting”

NaPhoPoMo day 21


One thought on “uncovered and visible

  1. I never was much for jewelry, but when we were going to get married, my wife wanted us to have matching rings. She went to a jewelry shop near Harvard Square, found a hand-made ring that she liked, and arranged for me to visit the store to get my finger measured. When I entered the place, the young jeweler recognized me. A year earlier, I had allowed him to crash for a week in the room where I lived, while teaching at a boarding school. The jeweler made our rings as a thank-you gift for my casual kindness. Forty-six years later, I have never gone a day without wearing that ring, which reminds me of the potential I have for being kind. And I need that reminder.

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