the best parts

It’s hard when one of your clowns grows up and leaves this circus life for adventures far away. But thank goodness for holidays, vacation days and driving up I-5 through the LA traffic and over the Grapevine all day and into the evening because we all got to enjoy so much of our Zoë.

Her cuddles.

Her playfulness.

Her hair…and her reaction after her sister straightened it…which lasted for a day. In Zoë’s words, she could literally feel the curls fighting to get out.

Her laughter…especially when she snorted.

And her willingness to humor me and pose for a quick head shot because I want to/need to update this slice of 90’s awesomeness.

One down, three to go…not as easy as one might imagine because…my kids.

Still so happy to have Zoë for the week. Happy to spend time with her, hear her giggles, play with her dog and watch her do her laundry. Definitely can not wait for her come back…soon, I hope…very soon.


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