In the news today, both Olympian Tom Daley and actress Maria Bello both came out…well, sort of…actually both pretty much declared that they were in love, each with someone special who just so happened to be of the same sex as they are.

And all I could think when I read the news of their revelations was “So?”. Because why is this a big deal?…Still? Talking about this with Jodie today, who happens to be a big fan of Tom Daley, I spoke it out loud. Won’t it be great if someday soon, real soon that when someone chooses to publicly declare that they are in love with someone of the same sex or the opposite sex it will be no big deal? Well, except for the fact that they are in love…they have found their soul mate…they are happy. And we will be happy for them. Because, love.

Meanwhile I am thrilled beyond thrilled for something else in the news about someone I have known since his mama and I were happily gestating together. I loved watching the amazing human that is Noah Daniel Wood grow and play and just make life so much more fun along with my Zoë, who happens to be just 3 weeks older than him. The fact that Noah’s music is just plain beautiful is no surprise to me knowing your parents. Congratulations Noah. I expect to hear much more from you.