holiday shopping done right

Last night:

Daniel: So Mom, tomorrow is my shopping day at the Secret Santa Shop at school.

Mom: I know. Are you ready?

Daniel: Yeah. Hey Mom, is it okay if I buy something for me?

Mom: Well, you know I have been known to buy a little something for myself when I go Christmas shopping.

Daniel: You do?!

Mom: Yes. It drives your Dad and Grandmom crazy but what can I say, I need things and they are on sale and I’m there. So I guess it is okay…as long as you have shopped for everyone on your Christmas list first.

Daniel: Cool!

This afternoon after school:

Daniel: I got all my shopping done and I even have change! And you know what?!

Mom & Jodie: What?

Daniel: I bought a present for me.

Daniel: Can I open it now?

This kid of mine…thanks to him I love laughing until I cry. Those are the best kind of tears…

so much better than the ones shed last week.




2 thoughts on “holiday shopping done right

  1. How cute is he! Love the package with the “To Daniel, From Daniel,” but love most of all that he asked if he could open it . . . knowing full well what’s inside! Thank you, Daniel, for bringing a smile to my face today!

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