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Today may or may not be the last time I accompany my son to visit his favorite fat guy in red. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about that. Daniel desperately wants to believe and it is clear with the questions he is asking lately that he wants us to help him believe. The other day, he pointed out to me that he missed visiting Santa last year.

My bad!

We didn’t make it to the mall or local shop or farm where Santa hangs out here in the Central Valley last year. Too much juggling going on I guess. Then again, he never asked either. I pointed that out to him as I told him that when his sisters were around 10 or 11 they really didn’t want to go and visit Santa so I assumed…

They didn’t want to see him?!“, he questioned.

No, I answer back explaining that perhaps it was because they didn’t want people to think that they were little kids or babies like most of the kids in line to see Santa at the mall or Bass Pro Shop. Or maybe it was because they had other interests at that age like the latest boy band or glitter nail polish or Harry Potter…yeah, they were 10 and 11 year old girls and that’s different. Daniel pointed that one out to me. So I answer back that as long as he wants to visit Santa, we shall go and visit Santa. Just ask. He agrees and asks if we can visit Santa before Christmas this year.

And so we did. We went to Dell Osso Farms where Santa was sitting patiently in his sleigh waiting…waiting for Daniel. Central Valley friends, hands down Santa is best at Dell Osso Farms this year! Go!

They talked of Legos and Legoland…thanks Santa!…and Hot Wheels, so many Hot Wheels and those chocolate oranges too. And while the two of them were deep in conversation of Christmas wishes, I recalled other annual visits with dear old St. Nick.

I know we visited in 2010 and 2011 but I can’t seem to find photographic proof…weird for me, I know. But oh my goodness! My baby! My baby boy! He’s fast becoming a young man. Thankfully a young man who still believes in goodness, kindness, magic and Santa Claus.

Still I think that Daniel will very likely receive a letter from Santa not unlike the letter that my friend Aimee’s son, Declan, received last Christmas.


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  1. Let him stay a child as long as he can! Let him believe until he wishes up! Of coarse I still believe in the miracle of Christmas, Santa Claus, and Jesus! 🙂

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