play it again: the not so happy little elf

Still thinking about the letter Aimee shared that her son received from Santa,I imagine that Daniel would be the perfect Santa’s helper. He is good. He is kind. He believes in magic and he believes in Santa. And then I remember the first time Santa suggested that Daniel would be perfect for the job…

originally published December 5, 2005

Noooo!!!! Mommy don’t leave me with Santa! He says he is going to make me one of his elves!
I don’t wanna be an elf!

Seriously, Daniel was so excited about seeing Santa and telling him, “Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!” He asked me last night if he could see Santa. He talked about it throughout our morning. Little man was really excited about visiting Santa. But once he saw the big, fat guy up close and personal, he wasn’t too sure. He did give him a hug and he did sit on his lap…..for the candy cane. But as you can see by this picture, he was having second thoughts about visiting Santa.


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