play it again: those hormones I warned y’all about

It doesn’t take much to remind me just how lucky, how damn lucky my former 24 weeker, micropreemie is. That is a very good thing lately because…hurray for preteens and their stinky, gross, annoying hormones that are just beginning to bubble up. I’ve survived these kind of hormones four times over. I’ve survived 132 days in the NICU, nine surgical procedures and those sometimes scary, always exhausting early years with a medically fragile infant, toddler and preschooler. I can survive puberty one more time even with all the other special needs added in the mix this time around…I think I can, I think I can…

Originally published May 11, 2013

Oh dear glob they are bubbling up…and they ain’t no female, pms-y kind of hormones either!

My sweet boy, my beautiful son is 11 years old and the hormones are starting to bubble up. No, they aren’t a raging, rolling boil…yet. But they are just at the boiling point and…

I’m not liking it.




I have survived four girls through the transition of child to stinky pre-teen to raging adolescence. This can not possibly be hard for me anymore.

No way!

I’ve got this.


I believed that.

I truly did.

I thought wrong.

Oh my goodness! My sweet little boy suddenly is one big gloomy, grumpy, irritated, annoyed person and he is directing that flood of emotions at me…complete with heavy sighs and eye rolls.


What indeed, son. We both are wondering what right now. Although I have to confess that my “what” is actually a three word “what“.

Then this comes on.

Oh my darling boy! Not a day goes by where I am not reminded just how fortunate, how so damn lucky we are…

you are.

Yesterday was one of those days. My heart breaks for another family, another amazing, brave and strong one like you. So I close my eyes and cry hot tears while I offer up a quick thanks for you…and say a prayer for the other. Then I say thank you for these hormones that are just beginning to bubble up to a boil because I get to experience them…again…with you.



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