blogtography 2013 edition

You try picking your twelve favorite shots of 2013 when you take and post way too many pictures!

What does one do with a room full of statues? Hug them of course.

Sleep during a weekend of dance competitions? Are you freaking kidding me?!

Before the storms rolled in.

Amazing shit that pixie dust is!

Once you get them all together and lined up and get them to stay still it’s totally worth it.

A whole hand!!!

I love how one of the first pictures he took was of me getting ready to take a picture.

Oh humidity!

Love at the circus.

Epic. Stubborn. A beautiful mess. Just like her!

Yes, they’re real and they’re delicious.

It’s a wonderful life. Because…

Bring on the images of 2014!

Happy New Year y’all!


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