if you give a two year old an apple…

…she will LITERALLY eat the entire thing…core and all…because you did offer an apple and invite her to eat it. Next time qualify your invitation with “enjoy this red delicious apple until you get to the middle where the seeds are, okay?

Hey, at least she ate it unlike the delicious breakfast and lunch and dinner presented to her today.

Two year olds are grand, strange, little creatures aren’t they?


5 thoughts on “if you give a two year old an apple…

  1. So cute! Tyler did the same thing when he was this age…except he was in the back seat with the groceries, reached into the open bag, said “apple” and I cringed thinking about pesticides as he bit into it but told him it was OK to eat it. But then it turned out it was a red sweet pepper he grabbed, I discovered when we got home. Not an apple. He ate the whole thing, seeds and all. LOL I did get a photo of him eating it too. Priceless.

  2. There was at least a 10 year period during which every time I opened my sister’s refrigerator there would be 2-3 apples sitting on the shelves, with 3 or 4 tiny bites out of each of them.

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