adolescence eve

Today, my beautiful boy, you are TWELVE YEARS OLD!!! Of course, being the pre-pubescent child that you are, you are absolutely mortified that I am shouty as I pronounce again, “OH MY GLOB!! YOU ARE TWELVE YEARS OLD!!!” Still you have become accustomed to your mom becoming emotional and teary and nothing but feelings every January 11. You are coming into an age where you are beginning to realize and appreciate just how remarkable each and every birthday of yours is.

That day, twelve years ago, when I met you for the very first time, I was changed forever, for good. I couldn’t possibly imagine what was in store for us all that day I regarded you, your tiny frame that fit perfectly into my hand from head to rump. As a NICU nurse, the NICU nurse who admitted you that early morning I could easily imagine the possible outcome that would be your future as a barely viable micropreemie. Still I could not imagine you breaking down, going over and under and around and through each and every obstacle and barrier laid out before you, a child born four months too soon who scarcely weighed one pound, without me…and your daddy and your sisters…right there by your side.

Still you are twelve today. You are a pre-teen. You are annoyed with your mom’s emotions today. You are an absolutely, completely normal twelve year old boy.

I’m sorry, son. Yes, I’m getting teary all over again.

Deal with it!

Happy, happy birthday my darling, miraculous, most-amazing boy!


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