just like her mama…and not at all

Today two of my daughters demonstrated how they can be just like me or not anything at all like me.

One absolutely, positively, confidently crushed her audition for AMDA. I wasn’t in the room as she danced and was interviewed; but I did literally gasp out loud causing heads to turn when I walked into the hotel mezzanine (where people waiting to be called to audition were waiting…and their parents and grandparents were hovering) as I heard the music to her audition piece because OH MY GAWD, SHE’S AUDITIONING RIGHT NOW!!! When she came out of the room I knew she owned that audition. She really has the worst poker face.

We find out in 2-4 weeks.

Stay tuned…

And another darling daughter of mine, with no warning CUT OFF ALL OF HER HAIR!!!

Her boyfriend and her family were in absolute shock because OH MY GAWD, HER HAIR, HER GORGEOUS, GLORIOUS CURLY HAIR IS ALL GONE!!!!

Yeah, it’s only hair, it will grow back and will likely be just as glorious as it was before she shaved it all off.

I know that too well from personal experience…the scalping of long, luscious locks with no warning whatsoever to the man who loves you.

And now you know who got it from her mama…and who did not.


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  1. If she gets in and decides to go she’ll be studying under a friend of mine who is marvelous! Can’t wait to hear what happens.

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