her turn

From the time she was two until shortly after her fourth birthday, I frequently “lost” my darling daughter, Jodie. You know what I mean, how you turn your head for one second or allow one of your other children to distract you with something trivial like tying their shoes or extricating them from a jump rope tied to the swing-set or breaking up the twelfth knock down drag out fight between at least two of your darling little circus clowns and that little one is suddenly GONE, like NO WHERE TO BE FOUND! No, she wasn’t the only one of my children who would become lost; she was just the one that seemed to become misplaced ALL THE TIME.

Yes, I can hear you clucking your tongues and imagine you folding your arms tightly across your chest as you shake your head disapprovingly over my obviously poor parenting skills…because you have never turned around to see that your little darling is not by your side in a crowded department store or at a Saturday afternoon soccer tournament. Of course your child has never, ever wandered off scaring you half to death and giving you even more gray hair.

Of course!

I believe you.

But, it has happened to me…more often than I want to admit…mostly thanks to my sweet, adorable Jodie Grace Wynonna.

Payback, well, payback can be a bitch she discovered this weekend while we walked around San Francisco.

No, I was not lost. I knew exactly where I was. I was on Powell Street at the Cable Car Turnaround taking pictures because…

they were all lined up and the lighting was absolutely perfect after the afternoon shower. Of course I had to stop and take pictures!

Of course!



Jodie, on the other hand, seemed to completely disagree. “OH MY GAWD! MOM!! You can NOT just wander off like that! I turn around and you were GONE! Do you realize how much you scared me!!!

No clue, my darling daughter. I have absolutely no clue.

She is not amused with the truth that this just might be a small payback for the years she did this to me…all the time.

Not at all.

My punishment? A trip to her Mother Ship, the Forever 21 Flagship store.

Whatever, little girl! I think I shall further torture you by purchasing these sweet shoes and wearing them EVERYWHERE!!!


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  1. Oh sister, I am with you on this. After misplacing the oldest boy once at Disney World and again at the state fair…you betcher sweet bippy I bought one of those tacky horrible child safety tethers. You know, a leash? Yeah. It was a hard core body harness and leash too. No cutie stuffed animal backpack type thing disguising the leash. No ma’am. There was no question that boy was tethered to his momma but good. And it was very necessary. lol My heart still hasn’t recovered from the state fair incident.

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