as time goes by

Practically a lifetime ago, it seemed that the three families that love and claim Hazel as a daughter, niece, grandchild would never be able to be anything but be stiffly cordial to one another…and of course that was work because there was so much not-so-kind things happening before that. Of course it really wasn’t a lifetime ago but it sure felt that way. Just saying.

It definitely wasn’t that long ago when a little girl took to the stage to dance a duo and found herself overcome with fright and frustration and tears and ran off the stage.

But time goes by and

a little girl takes to the stage…

and rocks it with BOTH of her daddies!

Nothing but love here. In Hollie’s own words:

Still on an emotional high from last night. So proud of my baby girl, who had to pick a song and teach both her dads a dance. They won “Most Inspirational”. We have come a long way with this co-parenting business (some of you have been there through it all and know it hasn’t been easy in the slightest) and I’m proud of us for finally getting to the happy place we are at now, as well as super proud of our amazing daughter who has come so far in her dancing in just one year.


But just yesterday it seemed like our Jodie was telling us how much she loved dance class, as awkward as she was back in 2nd grade.

That’s exactly what we celebrated at our Dancing with the Dance Stars Team Jodie table…time passing and Jodie growing up from that little, awkward girl in Jonni’s mainstream jazz class to the accomplished dancer that she is today…anxiously waiting to hear about her AMDA audition.

She too shared the stage with her daddy because…

after all, she does get this from her daddy!

Best Daddy-Daughter Dance!


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  1. I loved this post! Loved the story of Hazel’s recital and dancing with her daddies. Loved seeing Jodie and Bill dance. Bill does not age! He looks the same as the last time I saw him, a gazillion years ago.

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