for my little sister who is taller than me

Back in the day before Bill and I were parents and easily frightened by the epic meltdowns of small human beings enough to never ever want to have children ever, my sister was quite possibly the champion of epic meltdowns. Oh, and she could and often would take off running forcing her parents to give chase because really what is funnier than two panicked adults running all out after a preschooler with a good head start who is headed right towards a busy street or the end of a dock or any danger. I might have sworn off the notion of ever having children ever were I not already pregnant. Truthfully, my sister as a little one only scared me more about this whole thing that is parenting. Of course, by then it was too late for me…besides our little sister, yet to be born, would show us all how a meltdown should be done and then years and years later my grand baby, Fallon Elizabeth, would be the one to throw an epic meltdown like a Boss making all other tantrums truly weak.

But back to toddler Angela and her epic meltdowns…I recall one particularly epic one that took place soon after Bill and I arrived in Washington for a visit with my Dad, his wife and my little sister. As things started to calm and we all were together feeling awkward the way you do when someone’s kid has finally calmed down after a very public, loud, epic tantrum, my darling husband smirked just a little and quipped, “How ’bout them Seahawks?”…and the tension was gone as we all laughed just a little. Okay, fine, we laughed a lot because the Seahawks…really?!

But today, because my sister, who was raised in Washington, greeted me with a text message that proclaimed “Go Hawks!” and because the Seahawks showed up and played and won I will say…

How ’bout them Seahawks?!


Better yet…how ’bout that Bruno Mars and the Halftime show??!! Really the only good thing about this Super Bowl XLVIII unless you are a Seahawks fan.