curly top

Back in the day when she was just a curly topped little moppet, Abigael Rose knew exactly who she resembled…

and she began to study her, imitate her and become her.

Animal Crackers from 1935’s Curly Top was probably her most favorite. She would strut, sing and dance under the Big Top performing this classic any chance she had. How much easier it was for little Miss Abigael with her curly top, the way she talked and the fact that her mommy insisted on dressing her (and her sisters) in overalls.

Like so many little girls for generations, Abby was inspired by that sweet, dimpled, precocious, determined child star of 23 different movies. Her mother as a little girl, on the other hand, was super impressed that this super adorable little girl grew up to be a delegate of the United Nations, Ambassador to Ghana and years later, Ambassador to Czechoslovakia. But I am super nerdy that way.

Hearing today of Shirley Temple Black’s passing at age 85 I couldn’t help but recall how much she inspired my own little curly top who was and is just as precocious and determined then as she is now. Yes, Abby remembered the same…a mother-daughter bonding moment…yay!

RIP Shirley Temple Black and thank you for the smiles, the memories and the inspiration for us all; but most of all for my own bright eyed, dimpled, determined curly top then

and now.


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  1. 🙂 RIP Shirley Temple Black! Abby and Jody look so much alike I sometimes can’t tell them apart!

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