maybe it’s just me but…

Iowa dad, Alan Andersen, like many other parents, including myself, picks up his kid from school every day. Such a good parent! Still it can be tedious waiting and waiting for your kid to come to the car. I know because my darling son takes the time to say good bye to all of his teachers (past and present) and the cafeteria ladies and the yard duty workers and the crossing guards at dismissal time every day. I try not to complain too much after all because that was something I wished for him a couple years ago when I was fighting for the school district to not move him to yet another school campus. It can also be stressful because as any parent knows the school pickup/dropoff queue can be insanity on any given day. A parent can get rather stabby while trying to wait and navigate this mess that is the school pickup/dropoff. So I usually try to find things to do to keep myself entertained while lined up with all the other parents. There’s always a good book, or emails or Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. For Alan Andersen it seems that this is what he does.

For nearly six minutes he video recorded his daughters’ classmates slipping and falling on a patch of ice next to his car. Does he offer assistance? No, of course not because, um, it’s funny? Maybe. Perhaps. But six minutes?! He is recording this and laughing hysterically, mocking these kids with his daughter joining in. “We’re kind of bad people.” , they seem to agree with one another as they continue to laugh hysterically for nearly six minutes. Thankfully, it seems that no one got hurt. I would hope that if someone did he would have put the phone down and got out to offer help.


Meanwhile the video has gone viral with everyone agreeing that it is hysterically funny watching kids slipping and falling on ice.

Well, except for me.

I agree with the dad that yeah, he is kind of bad people laughing at children slipping and falling on ice right in front of him.

But that’s just me.


5 thoughts on “maybe it’s just me but…

  1. The kids seem to be having fun, laughing a lot. They build a crowd around the slick spot to watch for mishaps. Being an Iowa dad, I’d probably laugh too. Lighten up, girl.

  2. I’m with you, Laura. I kept hoping he’d get out of the car and slip on a different ice patch so someone could laugh at him.

    • maybe it’s the mom in us or maybe because we were once just like that last unfortunate kid who slipped and his books and possessions went flying EVERYWHERE while the asshat kept on laughing with his kid that we can see that 6 minutes of this was not as funny as some might think.
      Or maybe because you and I, Kim, are pretty nice people. I know you are.

      • And I know you are, too! I was that unfortunate kid (and adult!) who slipped and possessions flew and somebody laughed. It’s bad enough to laugh at others’ misfortune, but videotaping (and posting it!) is so much worse.

        Thanks for brightening my evening with the compliment. 🙂

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