today’s installment of “the more you know”

Because there is always something going on in this life of a juggling mom, today was another adventure in Madera at Children’s Hospital Central California. No big deal. Just another checkup with the endocrinologist. Daily Human Growth Hormone injections means Daniel is more closely monitored which means more frequent blood draws and more office visits with his favorite endocrinologist…that funny, tall lady as he describes her.

Adventures in Madera, FTW! We totally own this.

We both like the funny, tall lady who happens to be Daniel’s endocrinologist. She is super smart but has a way of explaining the way the human body works with all those crazy hormones that even kids like Daniel understands…and seasoned nurses like his mama who suddenly “gets” that A & P lecture from years ago. Today’s office visit was no different from others with Dr. K. Daniel discovered that he really should be more flexible than two 50-something women who happen to be his mother and his doctor. Mom and Dr. K were absolutely THRILLED to see what Dr.K. calls vertical velocity on Daniel’s growth chart.


Daniel is still below the growth curve, as he has been since the day he was born. But he is now -0.3%ile which is the closest he has ever been to the growth curve for boys his age. He grew a little over one inch in the last three months which is nothing except when plotted on his chart shows suddenly a vertical jump rather than the ever so lazily gentle, sometime stagnant, kind of curvy-ish, straight line that has represented Daniel’s physical growth over thee last 4 years or so.

To celebrate, Dr. K. has increased the dose of his daily HGH injections.

“Is this a good thing?”, Daniel wonders…

“THIS IS A REALLY GOOD THING!”, doctor and mom practically shout back.

Perhaps we were a little bit shouty because Daniel did ask us to stop yelling.

Sorry, son.

Dr. K. continues the exam which includes examining the whole body.

Did you know that endocrinologists often use beads to determine the size of certain body parts…certain , um, boy body parts?

For your information, boys and girls, this is an orchidometer. Looking for an image to share, you Google “beads to measure…” and yes, Google finishes with …“to measure testicles”.

That’s awkward.

But, no, it is not awkward or weird at all when the doctor literally pulls these beads out of her pants pocket and explains what they are used for.

Not at all.

Cue the upbeat, “The More You Know” music.


It’s awkward.

Let’s focus on the fact we have vertical velocity and we are so close, so very close to actually being plotted on a “normal” boys growth chart.

And because I can’t leave you all with the image of those beads, I give you this.

Daniel wants the webs to know that he is now bigger than ketchup. He literally asked me to post this pic with that statement. To celebrate he used pretty much half the bottle to eat his chicken strips at the Black Bear Diner today.

Of course I gagged.



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  1. 🙂 yeah Daniel! You are getting there! My favorite meal eating out is chicken strips! Uh no ketchup though! You go boy! :0

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