forgiveness for all…except for Monica Lewinsky

Yes, I’ll admit it. I will be reading Monica Lewinsky’s essay in Vanity Fair. What can I say? I’m curious. The Clintons have had their say, to some extent, in the past. Practically every pundit over the last two decades has too. Why not hear what the other woman has to say?

photography by Mark Seliger – Vanity Fair

That’s when the chorus of who cares is heard along with the collective sighs and eye rolls.

Sure some question the timing of it all given the anticipation of Hillary throwing her hat into the 2016 Presidential ring. I mean what better way to distract us all from things like the timing of Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy or whether or not a grandmother is fit for office or Benghazi or the entire history of 1990s ranging back to Whitewater, Travelgate, Vince Foster and a host of other hoary names than to have Monica speak? Is it a Clinton conspiracy or perhaps the Republicans have their hand in this…I know, no one cares.

So why then should Monica be allowed to speak?

No one really cares anymore.

Well, except people like Rand Paul and Mika Brezinzski and Lynne Cheney and every other pundit and media outlet and Beyonce and late night comedians…See?! No one cares what the other woman has to say.

In the course of my adult life, I have known a few couples affected by marital infidelities. Of course there was shock, anger, sadness, some tears and many other emotions in our circle of friends. Eventually, forgiveness was given after apologies and proper penance from the cheating husbands. It helped, of course, that their wives also forgave and the marriages somehow survived the infidelities. But what of the other women? They were the other women! Branded with the “A” on their chests they were shunned and ignored and soon no longer a part of the circle. Collectively, no one cared what might have caused them to commit such indiscretions. No one cared of their pain or shame. Forgiveness? For the other women?

Are you kidding?!

I don’t know.

I honestly don’t.

I do know that I will be reading her essay because just like it take two to commit adultery, there is more than one story after the end of the affair. Whose to say which of the stories deserves to be heard and which ones do not? Who decides that the women in the affair doesn’t deserve the opportunity to share her truth as much as the adulterous man? This time, at least, I will try to listen.

Perhaps I am becoming less judgmental in my middle age. Bear with me…it’s a process.


2 thoughts on “forgiveness for all…except for Monica Lewinsky

  1. Every circumstance is different. In this one, Monica Lewinski was 100% the victim, and shouldn’t really carry the brand, “The Other Woman.”

  2. Who cares! Rolling my eyes! 🙂 Enjoy the read! Yes it takes two to tango!

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