laminated is forever

One of the perks of having your grandparents live across the street is you have a place to hide your Mother’s Day present that you made at school from your mom’s prying eyes. Her mom could never just wait for the surprise and clearly Hazel knows this. So it was hidden away safely in Auntie Abby’s room. Risky, I know because given the state of that room the potential of ever seeing it again was moderately high.But it was only for three days. A risk worth taking for Hazel.

Early this morning came a visit from the neighbors from across the street. No pictures because moms with bedheads but there were lots of hugs and kisses and “Happy Mother’s Day” wishes. Then Hazel ran upstairs to retrieve her Mother’s Day creation for her mommy. Abby kept it safe, praise be, glory, hallelujah!

Everybody now…Awwww!!!

Hazel read what she wrote on the back:

I love my mom, because
she give me hugs.
My mom is silly.
She taks me to the park.
I love you mom forever..
You are the best mom in the hall wide werld.

This kid is amazing! Yes, Hollie LOVED it. How could she not? Still Hazel felt compelled to point out a ever so slight imperfection because Mrs. N. laminated it. There might have been an eye roll as she pointed this out.

But laminated is good, Hazel.“, I offered. “Laminated means that your mommy can keep this amazing gift forever and ever and show it to you and your kids someday.


How is it that she is a cynic even before her sixth birthday? Oh yeah, she’s her mother’s daughter. So to prove the point I run and grab one of the laminated Mother’s Day gifts that I have.

From Abby for Mother’s Day 2003 or 2004. I can’t remember. Still as perfect as it was the day she presented it to me because laminated is forever.

Everything she wrote ten years ago or so is pretty much applicable today because I do rock…especially because she says I do.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m going to now return to celebrating Mother’s Day on my terms.



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  1. Happy belated Mothers Day Laura! Too bad grandmothers can’t be laminated so they will last forever! 🙂

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