all the curves, the edges, all the perfect imperfections

Mr. and Mrs. today for 11,323 days…271,752 hours, 16,305,120 minutes, 978,307,120 minutes.

Don’t worry. I checked my math because yes, my math skills

That’s a pretty long time to be together and yes, through so many curves, way too many edges and a few perfect imperfections. But we were together. Here’s to more and more adventures together always with awesome hair.

Happy 31st anniversary, dear, darling husband of mine. The fact that you want to take me out for sushi tonight tells me that you love me so…still.

And I you too.

All of me.

All of you.


3 thoughts on “all the curves, the edges, all the perfect imperfections

  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BILL AND LAURA!!! Congrats on 31 years together; that’s an amazing accomplishment. Wishing you a love-ly sushi-filled celebration and many, many, many more years together. Loved this slide show, too.

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