putting away childish things

It’s a big moment in the life of one of our clowns today…and a big, oh-gawd-where-did-the-time-go moment for her parents. Jodie Grace Wynonna is 18 today.

  • she can now buy lottery tickets
  • and cigarettes if she smoked, which she doesn’t because…”eeeww!“. Her words, and mine
  • I am no longer privy to her health information nor can I make any healthcare type, informed consent decisions for her which scares the crap out of her…and me
  • she can register to vote and can vote for the first time next month
  • she can serve on a jury…so perhaps San Joaquin County will quit summoning my darling husband, the one with a steady paycheck right now
  • she is graduating from high school in, oh my glob, thirteen school days…she has a countdown clock
  •  she is no longer subjected to the local curfew laws that city officials really don’t enforce anyway
  • but the car still has a curfew….I am so glad that I was able to think fast on my feet all those years ago. Truly one of my better parenting moments

Nevertheless, let us all pause for a moment, or more, as we contemplate the fact that I am now the mother of four…FOUR adult children…technically…I mean at least two are still living under the Big Top and dependents…working…going to school…but still dependents. And for those of you who have been a part of this Adventures in Juggling for the last decade even way back in the AOL Journal days, yes, that bright, shiny, golden haired little girl is now 18 years old today.


Weep now with me my people.

It’s okay. They are happy tears…for so many reasons.

Now watch her life flash before your eyes because that is pretty much what I have witnessed here.


2 thoughts on “putting away childish things

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JODIE!!! For some reason she came to my mind yesterday, and now I know why. Hoping she has a spectacular 18th birthday celebration and lots of fun. Loved watching the slide show of how she’s grown over the years.

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