cat lady guilt

It’s kind of like Mommy-guilt expect perhaps not as knife-in-the-heart like when your little one calls you while you are at work or out of town and cries, “When are you coming home, Mommy? I miss you so, so much!“. But that’s only because cats can’t use the phone…or perhaps they want you to think that they can’t use the phone…and your darling husband isn’t going to call you to let you know that the cat misses you. Still you know you are sliding even more quickly into that old cat lady status when shit like this happens…

Noooo!!!! You’re putting those suitcases and bags and dancer stuff into your car! You’re going away again, aren’t you?! You’re leaving me again, aren’t you?! Why???!!! Take me too, please!!! Don’t leave me here!!!!

Bill tells me Zelda is so lost and stressed and needy every time I leave for a night shift or a dance competition weekend.

Clearly I have no soul because I left her like this.





Perhaps I will bring her back some dance mom bling. She LOVES pony tail holders.


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