baby you can drive my car…someday

Overheard under The Big Top this morning…hysterical screaming…screaming filled with rage, frustration and bitter disappointment.

Yes, Fallon was here.

Ah! Toddler life!

What’s wrong?

I can’t drive!

You can’t drive?

No! I want to drive but I can’t drive!

Well, baby girl, you need a driver’s license. Do you have a license?

Yes! But I can’t drive!

Well you need insurance too. Do you have insurance?

Yes! But Abby won’t let me drive!


Mom, there is no way. She wants my keys but there is no way that I’m giving them to her.

I want to drive!

Aw, poor baby! I’m sorry.

Aunties can sometimes be so mean.

Her mommy says that she would totally let her drive. That’s because she was at work at the time and just could not bear the tears in this picture that I sent to her. Truthfully, I could not bear the tears either. But I’m still not going to let her drive my car…not that she asked to drive Mima’s car. No, like our friend, Amber said, I can actually visualize this kid passing me on the freeway, playing something like this as loudly as she can. She would be singing along with all that is in her and likely drumming to the beat on the steering wheel because she is Fallon.

Nope. No way is she going to drive my car.



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