good morning!

This is a wonderful day. And I have never seen this one ever before.
~Maya Angelou

Good Morning!

Today is your day, Jodie Grace Wynonna!…Oh, and your 370 or so classmates day….and the beginning, the commencement of what is to become your great adventures!




Fair warning, there will be tears because…oh baby girl because your bumpy beginnings and the fact that I couldn’t bear to send you to school and your scary hairpin turn where we almost lost you along the way. I’m the mommy, I can cry if I want to even if this isn’t my first rodeo commencement.

Your Daddy, your sisters, your brother, your nieces, your best-bestest friend and your mentor, we all will be there today to celebrate you today and every day and every adventure that is yours.

One more fair warning: there will be pictures and words and feelings to come.

Readers, gird your loins!!!


2 thoughts on “good morning!

  1. Give my congratulations to Jodie and bring on the pictures! 🙂

  2. CONGRATULATIONS JODIE!!!! Give her a big congratulatory hug from me (although I know she doesn’t remember me). So excited for her. And you have every right to cry, Laura; she’s your baby! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the pics!

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