for 40 days

I did this.

Of course it won’t end World Hunger or solve the clusterfuck in the Middle East or end the drought so water can actually flow under the bridge or help us to understand the new reality that corporations are real people just like us; but I am pretty damn proud of the fact that I ran every day for the last 40 days. I ran over 118 miles which averages out to just under 3 miles every day…for 40 consecutive days.


I did this.

I can’t wait for the next holiday run streak starting Thanksgiving Day 2014 through New Year’s Day 2015. I’m there.

And you?



One thought on “for 40 days

  1. Congrats! I myself love running and even tried running everyday but after a week, my body just couldn’t keep at it anymore because the distances were sometimes too much. I’m kind of an aut Caesar aut nihil-person that would push until the legs would burn like hell. Anyway, I moved to varying my fitness routine, including swimming, gym, sprinting & walking.

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