the last first grader in the whole wide world

The last first grader to lose their first tooth in the whole, wide world is Hazel Faye.

Go ahead, ask her.

Her Mima LITERALLY asks her every day and every day she yanks and pulls at her teeth, heaves a super heavy sigh and tells me no. There is complete resignation in her voice that this milestone will never happen when she tells me that she is the ONLY first grader who hasn’t lost a single tooth. There isn’t even one single, blessed wiggly tooth.

Poor Hazel Faye!

Then again she is so mature in every other way and growing up much too fast; so what’s wrong really with a delay?

For what it’s worth my darling Hazey Face, my kids’ dentist assured me once that it is perfectly normal and definitely okay. Oh, and your own Mommy did not lose her very first tooth until she was pretty much the last first grader in the whole wide world back in her day.

There’s time…lots of time. For now I am going to continue to savor my favorite gap-toothed, little girl smile.