a year of selfies and more

Remember when I declared, “Hello, this is me.”?

And then I went on to share for six months. One hundred eighty one days I shared with the webs a whole lot of self-indulgent selfie love and selfie indifference and selfie loathing. And, when I didn’t know what to do I shared my feet.

This is stupid, I thought.

This is hard.

I’m sure people are rolling their eyes and clucking their tongues. I can think of at least two…perhaps three.

Then again, who cares what one or two or three people really think. What do I think?

Well, I still think this is hard. I still am having a hard time being creative with a selfie. But I am learning. I’m learning to kind of like the way the camera reflects back at me…at least my iPhone camera extended arms length away from me…with the occasional Instagram filtering…Valencia is my favorite.

Keep going, I say to myself.

One more month.


And that is exactly what I did. I also chopped off ALL of my hair because…why not?

And after six months, one hundred eighty one days of nothing but me, I pointed the camera around me…and sometimes back at me because…just because. I’m not as afraid of that image of me that the lens captures as I used to be. I might even like it just a little bit.

Still the story remained my story through my lens.

A good story, a bad story, my story all the same.

Every day there was something to see, something to say, something to share.

A story that, it seems, some actually have enjoyed.

A photo a day, every day. Mostly of me; but sometimes with lens pointed away from me. All my story, my life, my 2014.

Of course the story goes on because life, it goes on. You’re more than welcome to follow along. If anything you can watch how fast my hair grows before my sister’s wedding in August because, yes, there will be the occasional selfie.